Summer 2022

Hello Peak Church Louisville family and friends!

Perhaps you have been wondering why you have not seen the Peak Church Popcorn Tent or Peak Outdoor Movies, Activities in the Park or monthly Sunday Services. Kim and I are in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for the Summer. We are living with Kim’s parents and helping them during a significant health challenge for her dad. We are enjoying spending time with them, opportunities to help and working on some home/yard projects! We are grateful for the chance to be with them for an extended time this Summer. 

An added bonus; both of our daughters (Brecke and Cassie) live in the OKC Metro area as well. We miss life in the 80027 especially friends and neighbors, along with the fun activities Summer brings. We think of and pray for you often and look forward to seeing you in September.

Over the rest of the Summer, I will be posting a weekly message/podcast here on the website. I hope you will listen as I talk thru some of the life-changing encounters people had with Jesus in the First Century. Lots to learn about Jesus, people and ourselves!

As always, if I can be of any help, if you have questions or spiritual questions, I would love to talk with you.

Robby and Kim Pitt

The Peak Church Louisville

Encounters with Jesus Podcast

Through Jesus’ encounters with people, we can learn a lot about him (his perspective and what is important), people and about ourselves. If you read the New Testament Gospel accounts of Jesus, you begin to see some themes. In the encounters with Jesus, you start to expect the unexpected, discover surprising twists, meet unforeseen heroes and villains. Social/religious/moral customs are frequently turned upside down, yet, with Jesus, each encounter is seasoned with a perfect blend of love, grace and truth.


At The Peak

We Value

  • All People

  • The Bible to Shape our Perspective and Values

  • Spiritual Explorers

  • Community Investment

  • Authentic Relationships

  • Discovering our Life Story